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Homemade No-Cook Applesauce


This delicious no-cook, homemade applesauce is an easy and healthy way to use up excess apples and have on hand a delicious dessert that also can be a tasty ingredient in so many other recipes! The true secret to this is good old fashioned fermentation! Once you

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Gluten Free Tortilla Recipe

Have you ever gone on a Food Tour? It’s where a tour guide takes you on a walking or driving tour of various restaurants or points of interests for a region or culture. I went on a food tour in Little Havana, Miami and I am over

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Recipe: Loaded Sweet Potatoes from Missouri Life Magazine

  This fantastic recipe from Missouri Life Magazine is great for a “Meatless Monday” (or add your own protein of choice). We all think of loaded potatoes with regular russets, but how about the sweet potatoes? They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes are an

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Step Outside of Your Culinary Comfort Zone

My husband was away in work meeting so it seemed a good time to go exploring around Charlotte. My meandering brought me to the Living Kitchen…my first “raw” restaurant! The decor was fresh and filled with light. Table for “one”, please! Some health changes have me rethinking

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