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Q? Are the spices and seasonings gluten free?

A. We clean mixers and all mixing equipment and test for cleanliness between product batches and therefore can be reasonably sure that products are gluten free, but we do not test specifically for gluten so therefore we cannot guarantee that the product contains less than 20 ppm gluten that the FDA regulations allows for a gluten free claim. All applicable wheat and gluten ingredients are listed on Olde Town Spice Shoppe labels as an ingredient.

Q? Why do your seasonings say only “spices” in the ingredient listing?

A. Many of our seasonings are special proprietary blend recipes and therefore we only list “spices” in many of the ingredient listings. Our well informed staff are more than happy to help describe flavor profiles to you for best selection, and should you have an allergy to a specific spice we will be happy to give you a statement for the products that you have interest in as to whether it contains that spice.
We do follow FDA regulations for the labeling of “spices” found in The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21.

Q? Can I ship to an APO/FPO?

A. We happily ship to APO/FPO addresses via USPS Priority Mail service, with applicable shipping charges applied.

Q? Can I ship to Alaska/Hawaii?

A. Yes.

Q? I need to ship these to two different addresses. Can I combine them into one order to save on shipping?

A. Shipping is charged per package, so all orders going to a separate address must be placed separately and shipping must be charged for each one.

Q? How do I send a gift to another address?

A. To send to a different address, simply select “or enter a new address” in the shipping address section of checkout and enter the gift recipient’s address. If you would like to have a card included with your order, please email us with the brief sentiment you’d like conveyed along with your desired signature.

Q? Do you ship to International destinations?

A. We ship orders to most countries with USPS. The delivery option outside the United States takes 1-6 weeks to arrive. Please email us if there are additional questions about international packages.

Q? What are your shipping rates?

A. We make every effort to pack and ship your items on the next weekday after receiving your order. Our US shipping prices are very reasonable and based on the total cost of your order. To learn more, please visit our shipping page.

Q? Is there any sales tax?

A. There is no sales tax on items shipped to states other than Missouri.

Q? What are your payment options?

A. We happily accept the major credit and debit cards of Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Q? Is it safe shopping online?

A. We keep all your information private and secure. We do NOT store any credit card information. And we will not release any information to any third party. You can feel safe and secure shopping with the Olde Town Spice Shoppe!

Q? How long do my spices stay fresh?

A. The first rule of thumb is to open the container and smell the spice. Is it still fragrant? Generally, spices are good for 6-12 months if kept in a cool, dry place.

Q? Do you carry spices and blends for special diets?

A. We have a wide variety of low-salt, no-salt and no-sugar items. We all have no-msg blends, as well as many organic products.

Q? What is that popcorn recipe that you told us about in the store?

A. One of our favorite snacks is our Amish popcorn. My personal favorite is the Baby White. I just take brown, paper lunch sack. Toss in a handful of popcorn kernels and roll up the opening of the bag. Toss it in your microwave for about 3 minutes. Voila! Then just lightly spray the corn with butter-flavored cooking spray and a sprinkle of our popcorn salt. It’s a great, lo-cal snack with a fraction of the packaged microwave options.

Q? What did you say you did with the Moth Away; the item you put in the closet to keep the bugs away and smell good?

A. A great smelling and natural alternative to moth balls and drawer sachets is our popular “Moth Away” product. A mixture that includes lavender and cedar along with other ingredients, its great-smelling as well. I use it two different ways. I take the bag that it currently comes in, poke a few holes in it toward the top and thread the bag over the top of a hanger through one of the holes. It just hangs in my closet, imparting a great smell. The other way is to take a knee-high panty hose and pour the Moth Away in to it. Tie a knot at the top of the knee high and toss the sachet in to a drawer, on to a closet shelf, under your car seat and a million other possible places!

Q? Do you offer special gift baskets?

A. Many of our customers choose to specify particular products and themes for gift baskets. If you have a request, just call or email us and we’d be happy to take your order. We also have a variety of baskets and containers to make your gift special. Our “standard” and most popular gift baskets are featured online under the Entertaining section.

Q? What is the best way to make a cup of tea?

A. The water should be heated but not boiled. The teabag is then steeped in the hot water for 3-4 minutes. Remove the teabag and enjoy.

Q? How do I place an order?

A. To place an order, simply add all desired items to your shopping cart. To place any of the items in a shopping cart, simply click on its price on its individual product page under “add to cart.” You may change quantities by entering a desired number and hitting the ‘recalculate’ button. To remove an item, simply set its quantity to zero. Once complete, please hit the ‘checkout’ button.

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