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8 Tips for Cooking in Foil

  1. Use heavy duty aluminum foil. This will help ensure the foil does not rip or tear when you are turning the packets over. And ensures you retain the juices and steam. Don’t be afraid to use TWO layers of foil.
  2. Ensure you have your square(s) of foil large enough to easily contain your food, AND have room left over to securely roll up the edges. If you’re doing multiple meals, try one sheet first to gauge if you’re got it right before you tear off all of the foil.
  3. Use cooking spray on the foil before placing your food to prevent sticking.
  4. Place the meat or densest items down first that will take the most time to cook.
  5. Cut dense veggies in to small, bite-size pieces. They will cook faster.
  6. Add a small amount of liquid to help things cook- like white wine, beer, butter, or even Italian Salad Dressing
  7. Tightly roll-fold the seams
  8. Use caution when opening the cooked packets due to STEAM!


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