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Gluten Free Tortilla Recipe

Have you ever gone on a Food Tour? It’s where a tour guide takes you on a walking or driving tour of various restaurants or points of interests for a region or culture. I went on a food tour in Little Havana, Miami and I am over the moon about it! It was a fun and interesting way to learn about the Cuban culture in Florida.

We sipped and noshed our way through empanadas, Cuban Sandwiches, sugar cane juice and much more. Our guide shared stories about the local culture of graffiti murals, art, playing dominoes, and even the “Bay of Pigs”. It was the perfect way to spend a few hours! Cuban culture and food is part of America’s melting pot-try something new with our plantain tortilla recipe. Whether you’re on a paleo diet, looking for gluten free, or just love good food-try these out! These tortillas just happen to be gluten free, dairy/egg free and DELICIOUS! They are great tortilla wraps for chicken, beef or even veggies. They are sturdy yet flexible. A bit chewy, in a good way. And since the main ingredient is plantain-that banana-looking thing used as a starch in Island cooking, you’ll likely be trying something new. It’s kind of a cross between a potato and a banana. You can find them most grocery stores now.

2 plantains, more green than ripe

2 tbl coconut oil or olive oil

1 tsp saltwater as necessary

Peel the plantains and cut in to chunks. Add to a mixer or processor with the oil and salt. Blend/mix. The mixture should be thick like oatmeal-add a tbl or two of water if necessary to get that consistency. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Spoon out a circle of the mixture in a circle about the size of 6-8” across, continue with the remainder of the mixture. Place pan in a 400 degreeoven. When they start to brown on the edges and firm up, flip them over on the pan and continue baking. The cooking time should be a total of about 20 minutes. When browned on both sides, remove from the oven and let cool. Can be used immediately, or even refrigerated or frozen for eating later.

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