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Vietnamese Coffee Hack

Vietnamese Coffee is deliciously famous for it’s intensely strong and sweet taste. A beverage that is traditionally drank hot in the morning and iced in afternoons and has grown very popular over the last few years in America. A simple concoction of coffee, sweet condensed milk and boiling water.

Most interesting is that the coffee of choice globally is Cafe Du Monde. We here in America know this famous brand of coffee and chicory blend from the New Orleans landmark that serves up sugary beignets. And although  traditional cup of Vietnamese Coffee is brewed with a metal coffee filter, you can use a pour-over coffee method or even a french press (although purists will frown upon that technique).

Here is a simple recipe hack to homemade Vietnamese Coffee!

4 tsp Cafe Du Monde
1 cup boiling water
2 tsp sweet condensed milk to taste

It’s that simple! Regardless of how you brew your cup of coffee, keep the ration of water and coffee the same and add the sweet condensed milk to your liking.

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