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The Endless Ways To Make An Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer was a very famous Pro-Golfer who liked to enjoy ice tea and lemonade together on a hot summer day playing the links, which became his namesake. The “Arnold Palmer” was and is just iced tea and lemonade together, and wow is it a delicious way to cool down!

arnold-palmer-orlando-sentinelBut you don’t just have to use plain old tea, you can use ANY tea (black, green, herbal, red) on our shelf with some lemonade over ice and end up with delicious perfection. Plus this is a more healthy beverage to serve the kiddos all summer long, and if caffine is a worry most all the flavors we list below also come in DeCaf versions!

You also can jazz up an ‘adult-beverage’ version of an Arnold Palmer, by using a shot of vodka.

Some of our favorite teas to use in an Arnold Palmer:
Ginger Peach Black Tea
Peach Black Tea
Apricot Black Tea
Strawberry Black Tea
Blackberry Black Tea
Blueberry Black Tea
Huckleberry Black Tea
St. Charles Green Mango
Pomegranate Green



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photo from the Orlando Sentinel

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