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Summer Toddy Ice Tea

During the winter month’s who doesn’t love a Hot Toddy to warm the body and soul. But did you know you could make a summer ICED version of the hot toddy that would be as equally refreshing for the body and soul for the summer months?!

The recipe follows but scroll to the bottom if you want to know a little history about the traditional toddy.

A super simple recipe that is great for a summer evening watching the sunset!

Teas To Use:
You can use almost any black tea!
Assam, Darjeeling, our Classic Iced Tea (an Orange Pekoe Leaf) work perfectly to let the bourbon stand out.
If you want some “spice” use our Chai Tea blend or our Cinnamon Orange.
You can also add some special deliciousness by using a flavored tea such as Blackberry, Raspberry, or Peach.
And if you like a smokey scotch try using Lapsang Souchong as your tea with its wood-dried smokiness, even iced it’s a hearty refreshing beverage.




Summer Toddy
1 1/2 ounces bourbon whiskey
4 ounces iced tea (freshly brewed)
Garnish: lemon wheel or wedge
**OPTIONAL: 1/2 ounce limoncello

In a double old-fashioned glass, add bourbon (and limoncello if you choose).
Fill the glass with ice and top with iced tea.
Garnish with lemon. Serve and enjoy.






The traditional hot toddy is a warm beverage of whiskey spices and lemon, with two different origin stories. One is that started in British-controlled India. In the 1610s the Hindi word “taddy” meant “beverage made from fermented palm sap.” and by 1786, taddy was officially written down and defined as “beverage made of alcoholic liquor with hot water, sugar, and spices. The word and it’s pronunciation evolved/warped over time and cultural adoption once it arrived onto the shores of Scotland and England.

Another story of it’s creation is of an Irish doctor named Robert Bentley Todd, who ordered his patients to drink hot brandy, cinnamon, and sugar water. Most likely, the truth is a combination of the two stories, where doctors heard about the hot toddies from India and started incorporating them into prescriptions.



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