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Stuffing or Dressing?

It’s called “stuffing” if it goes IN the turkey, and “dressing” if it is cooked outside the bird in a pan. There are as many recipes for stuffing/dressing as people. Your favorite recipe may include chestnuts, apricots, cornbread, bagels, even White Castle hamburgers.

How you cook your preferred bread-based side can be an epic success or fail. Here are some easy tips to keep in mind:

Stuffing Tips

  1. Set out bird and stuffing for 30-60 minutes prior to allow all to come to room temperature
  2. Stuff the bird right before you’re putting it in the oven
  3. Use a “stuffing bag” or cheesecloth as a holder for the stuffing while it cooks in the bird and making it easier to remove the stuffing when serving.
  4. Test your bird. Stuffed birds take 30-60 minutes longer to cook in the oven (and may dry out the turkey more). So if you’re tight on time, dressing is the way to go.
  5. DO NOT stuff your bird if you’ve brined it or plan on deep frying or smoking it.

Dressing Tips

  1. Cover the pan in the oven
  2. Place the pan in a larger pan and add 1″ of water. This keeps moisture in the oven and ensures your dressing doesn’t dry out.
  3. Put the dressing in the oven when the turkey comes out to “rest” after cooking.

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