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Salt Block Sliders

We are so excited about these new Himalayan Salt Blocks! There are so many delicious ways to use it and a guide is included in each box, but we thought we’d share this delicious recipe we found for Salt Block Sliders. Perfect for smothering in onions and cheese and snacking on all day around the pool with a cold beverage!


1 pound of ground beef or pork or chicken
2 tbls of Meatloaf Seasoning
1 tbls of ketchup or BBQ sauce
Slider buns of your choice (we love using Sweet Hawaiian buns!)
Whatever burger fixings you enjoy
1 Himalayan salt block

Place your salt block on a unheated grill, indirect heat is best. Slowly bring the salt block up to temperature follow enclosed instructions.
Assemble your patties by mixing the meatloaf seasoning and ketchup or BBQ sauce into the meat
When the salt block looks white and opaque it is ready for the burgers.
Place the slider patties on the salt block. Let them sear on medium-high heat for approximately two minutes with the grill lid closed.
When the bottoms look like they have caramelized, turn the patties.
Lower the heat to medium and continue grilling with the grill lid closed until they have reach the desired doneness.
Dress sliders as desired and enjoy.

let your salt block cool slowly and then scrape off any large cooked bits and scrub lightly with warm water till clean. Be good to your salt block according to the instructions and it will last you many, many BBQs!


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