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More Flavor For Your Healthier Menus

How do you add more flavor for your healthier menus?

January is a popular month to get our bodies back on a better nutritional path after a holiday season of delicious indulgence. But that doesn’t mean that the deliciousness has to stop! Here at Olde Town Spice Shoppe we have shelf after shelf of flavor packed options to easily add into those healthy dinner choices you might be making. Below you’ll find some helpful suggestions of how you can easily use our spices and herbs and seasoning blends in your dishes and if you click on the bold typed name of each one you’ll find a helpful link to our website to start your shopping list!

Healthier herbs and spicesBreakfast flavor adds:

Simple additions such as our Vietnamese  cinnamon, cardamom, mint, & ginger add a tremendous amount of flavor to your morning yogurts, grains or smoothies and help fill in the flavor void you might miss from sweeteners. And if you’re a morning avacado or eggs fan try our Everything Bagel Seasoning which is savory with no salt and so very yummy!


Lunch flavor punches:

Making egg or chicken salad with avocado mayo is a healthier and actually more delicious option than just plain old mayo and Hummus is so good for you but can get dull. We recommend if you really want to jazz it up without the salt add a pinch of one of our NO SALT Seasonings such as our Cajun No Salt, Veg Herb No Salt, Greek No Salt or Seventeen Seasoning No Salt!


Dinner Time Satisfaction:

Grilled Chicken, Fresh Fish, Fresh Veggies… ALL of these can get quite dull if they are the core of your dinner menus for the week but when you use a different one of our NO SALT Seasonings each night of the week to roast in the oven or grill or pan sear with a dash of olive oil… you’ll have a different dish every night of the month! Plus sprinkling one of our various Herb No Salt Seasonings over your steamed veggies allows for a ton of flavor and no need for butter or salt.

Using seasoning blends such as our Chinese Five Spice, Garam Masala  on pork or in soups, in your oven roasted meat dishes or in your crockpot cooking is another way to increase the flavor greatly but not increase the salt. And our Italian Herb Blend with some fresh minced garlic, a dash of olive oil and a dash of balsamic vinegar is a perfect no salt no sugar salad dressing!

Also we carry a large selection of Louisiana based River Roads seasoning pouches that are mostly all salt free, sugar free and msg free (some are even gluten free) that make really fantastic additions to one pot slow simmer dishes. Literally meat, potatoes, carrots, onion and add one of these great seasonings… BAM- delish dinner!


Snack Time Fillers:

Do you get the munchies too? It is a curse to those of us who find our selves in the kitchen cabinets late at night! Why not popup some of our Amish popcorn on the stove or in the microwave and then add a dash of our Cajun No Salt or our Garlic Pepper No Salt, and get the flavor satisfaction without all the bad-for-you gunk in other snacks.


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