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Marinate Your Corn On The Cob

coleslaw-dressings-oldetown-spice-shoppeTwo of our customer favorite summertime side dish seasoning are our Coleslaw Dressing Mix and our Sweet & Sour Dressing Mix, both are delicious and both are great used as marinades for your summer BBQ menus and marinating your corn on the cob is a tasty twist on a classic dish!

But did you know there are many other uses for our coleslaw dressing that will also be a family favorite at this summers BBQ?!

Marinating anything for your grill at least an hour in advance adds quite a flavor punch that is worth the wait and using either our Coleslaw Dressing or the Sweet & Sour Dressing for your marinade will quickly become your new favorite secret BBQ technique!

Using our Coleslaw Dressing with the rich mayo base works wonderfully in evenly coating the seasonings about the surface of the food.
Using our Sweet & Sour Dressing, and it’s thin vinegary deliciousness will permeate into the surface and work flavor from the inside out.

Here is a delicious idea to use either our Coleslaw Dressing Mix or our Sweet & Sour Dressing Mix to dress up your Corn On The Cob for a tastier side dish!




Corn On The Cob Marinade


Prepare either our Coleslaw Dressing Mix or our Sweet & Sour Dressing Mix according to package instructions (but don’t add any salad fixings!)

Peel back corn husks, and remove and discard silk. If using the Coleslaw Dressing Mix, spread onto the cobs with a butter knife. If using our Sweet & Sour dressing mix, lie the cob into a foil “boat” and drizzle on the dressing mix.
Replace husks, wrap foil securely around the corn cob, then rotate several times to disburse the dressing mix. Let sit for 30 minutes up to overnight.

Cook on preheated grill for 30 minutes, turning every 5 minutes. At the very end of cooking you can also unwrap and lay corn directly onto grates for some nice charring. Remove from grill and let cool enough to handle.
Remove foil, and serve as is or with butter.

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