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Jazzed Up Julep Ice Tea

Mint Juleps are definitely a refreshing summertime cocktail. With or without alcohol you’ll find our iced tea version of the Mint Julep, the “Jazzed Up Julep” is a delicious way to keep cool on hot days!

jazzed-up-mint-julip-olde-town-spice-shoppeTeas To Use:
Our top choice of tea to use is the Breathe Better Berry Green tea with eucalyptus leaves. This tea features a Eucalyptus leaf in it which pairs amazingly well with mint.
Ginger Peach be a fabulous tea to pair with the mint and with or without bourbon.
Mint Black or Lemon Meringue Black would both also be a delicious boost of flavor to use in this drink.

Jazzed Up Julep Iced Tea Cocktail
2 ounces bourbon whiskey (**optional: replace with more tea!)
3 ounces already brewed flavored tea, we recommend the Breathe Better Berry  with Green tea & Eucalyptus leaves
1 sugar cube or 1/2 tablespoon of demerara sugar
splash of lemon juice
Fresh mint, for garnish

Muddle your sugar cube with a splash of lemon juice or add your loose sugar.
Add already brewed tea, & bourbon (optional)
Stir to incorporate.
Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Rim your glass with sugar for an extra bit of deliciousness!

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