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How To Cook With Lavender


Lavender has many uses, for both its aromatic properties as well as its healthful anti-anxiety benefits. But knowing how to best use your lavender buds in cooking provides you with perfect taste and texture results every time. And picking up some of our culinary Lavender Buds is the first step!

The pros recommend using lavender as an “infusion” rather than just throwing a handful into the recipe. Although it’s ok to do that too! It’s best to grind the lavender buds into your dry ingredients like sugar for baked goods or steep in and then strain it out of a liquid (cream or syrup) before using. You’ll still get great lavender flavor without the chalky chew. Check out our Lavender Syrup recipe for an easy way to Lavender Deliciousness!

A little Lavender goes a long way. If you’re not following a recipe you trust, use lavender sparingly. Its flavor is strong and can easily overwhelm baked goods or savory dishes if you’re heavy-handed. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and use a little less.

Lavender has a strong flavor, so pair it with other strong flavors. In baking, be sure to use a light touch or balance its low notes with something bright like lemon juice and zest. Although we think lavender pairs nicely with chocolate as well.  Our classic herb blend, Herbes de Provence pairs lavender with other strong herbs so it pairs deliciously with lamb, or grilled or roasted chicken.



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