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Crockpot Kalua Pork

Kalua pork pic by Dinner Then DessertKalua pork has been centerpiece of Hawaiian feasts for centuries. Kalua means “to cook in an underground oven” which is not the most practical methods of cooking for your family but you CAN get the same delicious results with our long time favorite crockpot version of Kalua Pork.
In old Hawaiian history, feasts were called an ‘aha’aina and the kalua pig (pork) was reserved only for the chiefs and the king. If you were a commoner or a woman, you were forbidden to taste it. It wasn’t until King Kamehaha II changed all that in 1819 and the exclusive feast became the ‘luau’ and all could partake in this heavenly pork dish.
We have shared this crazy delicious and crazy simple crockpot dish for years and thought this perfect fall weekend would be idea for you to enjoy some family fun and a delicious dinner without a lot of work!







Crockpot Kalua Pork



  1. Pierce pork all over with a carving fork. Rub salt all over.
  2. Place roast in a slow cooker, fatty side up. Drizzle liquid smoke all over pork. (do NOT add any other liquid, trust us on this!)
  3. Cover, and cook on low for 16 to 20 hours, turning once during cooking time.
  4. Remove meat from slow cooker, and shred, adding drippings as needed to moisten.
  5. Recommend serving on Hawaiian sweet buns!


photo from one of our favorite cooking websites Dinner Then Desserts , she does some fab cooking videos too!

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