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All About Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus leaves have been consumed as tea for centuries, with it’s many medicinal qualities as well as it’s bright and tart presence in the cup Hibiscus Tea makes a refreshing tea both hot or cold.


There are thought to be many benefits to drinking Hibiscus Tea, we’ve listed a few below but as with anything we consume moderation is key and too much is never good.

Thought to lower blood pressure.
Know to be a great anti-inflammatory agent.
High levels of melatonin make it a great option for bedtime tea.
High levels of antioxidants working against free radicals and increasing the detoxifying enzymes.
Thought to be effective in improving the HDL levels in the body and lowering cholesterol.
Known to help the body get rid of excess fat, decreasing the level of triglycerides and LDL or bad cholesterol levels, which are the root cause of obesity.
Has high polyphenols which have a significant role in fighting cancer cells.

We encourage you to enjoy tea as an occasional delicious beverage but do your research before diving into drinking tea for it’s medicinal purposes. Over-Consuming hibiscus tea could lead to some of the following:

Nausea and headache.
In large quantities, could result in dizziness and fatigue due to the tea’s ability to reduce blood pressure.
If you are on high blood pressure medicine or diabetes, consult your doctor before consuming Hibiscus Tea daily or in large amounts.
Consuming large amounts of hibiscus tea has been know to induce menstruation due to it’s high levels of phytoestrogen (a plant-based estrogen naturally present in hibiscus). So pregnant women should avoid drinking.

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea Chart HERE

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