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Restaurants Favorite Tea Bundle

Restaurants Favorite Tea Bundle


What flavors do we most often sell to restaurants? What flavors are they serving to you, their customers? These four flavors in our Restaurants Favorite Tea Bundle are the most popular restaurant sales. Enjoy 2 ounces each of these flavored black teas: Tropicana, Passionfruit, Peach and Lemon Meringue.


The Restaurants Favorite Tea Bundle contains four fantastic flavors that we most often sell to restaurants for iced tea (although you can enjoy them as hot tea also). Peach, Decaf Passionfruit, Tropicana, and Lemon Meringue loose teas provide a great black tea base with the refreshing flavors of Summertime. Each flavor contains 2 ounces of tea. Each 2 ounces of tea should produce 20 cups of tea.


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