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Teas & Beverages

Fine tea has been sipped for centuries and is the most popular beverage worldwide. Black, green, red, white or herbal tea- the options are limitless. Enjoy a bold organic tea as your morning pick-me-up, a flavored green tea for a midday break, and a soothing herbal tea to wind down your night. We have a wide variety of loose teas which are known to be more fresh, flavorful and made from full tea leaves.

Our large variety of teabags include organic teas with medical values, flavored herbals and decafs, and robust blacks, as well as white, green and red tea options.

You can buy tea online with the Olde Town Spice Shoppe knowing that you’ll have quality, fresh teas to enjoy any time of day.

Tea Implements
Our large selection of tea implements will help your tea drinking experience more pleasurable. Choose from an array of infusers, tea spoons, teabag caddies, and other tools to serve up a perfect spot of tea- whether it’s a cup or a pot.

Coffee and Cocoa
Delicious cocoas full of chocolate flavor can be found in individual packets, as well as powdered, spicy chai mixes and specialty coffees.

Beverage Sweeteners
No matter what your sweetener preference, we’ve got something to make your sweet tooth happy. Flavored agaves, stevia, honeys, and sugars will sweeten your fine beverages!

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