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How To Make Frozen Pizza Gourmet

Frozen pizza is far from being ‘homemade’ but we have some delicious tips to making a decent frozen pizza into a new and family favorite easy dinner night!

Dress up the crust: one of the tastiest tips we love is brushing the frozen crust with melted butter and then sprinkle some of our Garlic Bread Sprinkle! Loaded with garlic, herbs & parmesan cheese you’ll end up with a savory deliciousness to the last bite.









Start HOT: Start with a VERY hot oven! A super hot oven from the get go will crisp up your pizza crust, especially the frozen crusts, to near perfection. Preheat your oven on 500 degrees and then when you put the pizza in turn down to the normal baking temperature recommended. Set timer for usual time, but check on it regularly towards the end since the oven will have started out so hot.

Sprinkle on some deliciousness: a simple sprinkle of either our Pizza Sprinkle or our Pizza Topper will blow your taste buds away! Our Pizza Sprinkle is a zesty blend of onions, garlic, red pepper and a few special herbs that add up to a delicious seasoning to adorn your pizza, spaghetti, or anyplace you want a little zing!

Our Pizza Topper is THE secret ingredient to add to your frozen store-bought pizza to give it that homemade flavor! A special blend of Italian herbs, onion, garlic, & a pinch of salt. Sprinkle in Italian dishes such as lasagna, manicotti, calzones and more. You will love it’s authentic Italian flavor, just like Grandmas!




Sauce it up: although your frozen pizza will have some sauce and toppings already, you might find adding an extra layer of sauce on the top (and maybe an extra topping of cheese) will give a bigger bite of deliciousness. Try simmering our customer favorite Pizza Sauce Seasoning in some tomato sauce to make your pizza sauce even more delish! This easy sauce also is a perfect for garlic bread and toasted ravioli dipping as well.







Dip it good: everybody loves a “certain pizza chain’s” garlic dipping sauce for their crust bits and you can whip up your own using our Garlic Seasoning Gourmet! Try 1-2 tsp of Garlic Gourmet seasoning in a cup of butter or even in a cup of mayo. These garlic dipping sauces also make tasty dippers for french fries!










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